Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yucky Words

I overheard the parents of two of the other kids in my daughter's preschool class conversing Monday during pick up time.  One parent suggested to the other that they make arrangements for a "playdate" for their kids.  I really dislike the word (or phrase or whatever you want to call it) "playdate".  Whatever happened to just asking if another kid can "come over and play"?  The word "playdate" for me is in the same yucky word catagory as the word "precious".  Except when coming out of the mouth of this guy of course ...


  1. You know your comments prove the power of DNA.

  2. EXACTLY!!!! I've been spouting the same mantra forever. Every time I hear Jonah say that to someone, I manage to bring up how nice it would be to just ask someone to come over and play!