Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Back!

My very sweet Auntie M. sent me a Facebook message yesterday that said, "I'm missing your blogs."  I thought that was a sign I needed to come back to life and sign on to Blogger.  I've been on a horizontal hiatus for the past couple of weeks.  Let me give you some hints to describe my condition ... "knocked up" (my husband's favorite), "bun in the oven" (my uncle's favorite), "feeling pukey all the time" (from me). You guessed it.  I'm just a few weeks along pregnant and all I've wanted to do is lay in the bed most all the time up until the end of this week. I think I'm now ready to join the land of the living.  For a while there everything made me feel nauseous - even reading, commenting on and writing blog posts.

There has been a LOT of action going on around our house though on which I should be reporting.

For example, this -

And this -

Oh, and remember my husband's handy tree-scaping from some time ago?  Let's just say that plan didn't work out so well.  Here is where those trees ended up prior to their trip to the landfill with a ton or two of broken concrete -

More to come soon.