Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Neighbors Think We're Crazy

And you know we just don't care.  In the corner of our front yard there are/were these big, tall and skinny evergreen trees that I despised.  I didn't like how they looked.  I didn't like that they blocked the corner of the street (when you are at home all day every day the action going on in the street becomes very important).  Here is a view of the trees (as well as the rear of one of our guests) from the day of Logan's party -

Mike suggested that he would trim the trees way down and transform them into a row of shaped evergreen shrubs.  I said they couldn't look any worse than they did already so I didn't care what he did.  One afternoon and a chainsaw later I got what I asked for -

Now we've got all of this to get rid of -

Isn't it green here right now!?!?  Indiana can be so green in the spring and summer.  The tale we were told by the neighbors who were wondering what in the h*ll Mike was doing with these trees was that a previous owner of our house had a falling out with the neighbors who used to own the house across the street so she planted those trees to block her view of their house.  She certainly accomplished her mission.  Luckily, we don't have any neighbor issues (who knows after this tree masacre though) and I am very much enjoying the street corner opened up for me to see.  Who knows, maybe Mike will Edward-Sissorhands me something like this one day -

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  1. Your father would be proud of Mike's handy work.