Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Orleans

The cruise I mentioned in my previous post set sail out of the Port of New Orleans.  Neither Mike nor I had ever visited New Orleans before so we were excited to spend 2 days there prior to the cruise.  While we did have our fun in the French Quarter we especially enjoyed walking around the Garden District looking at the pretty houses.  Here is a sampling.

Loved the blue roofs of all the porches as seen on this house -

A pretty one -

A grand one -

Lovely porch railings on this one -

Reason for the area being named the Garden District.  I covet this garden entrance -

We searched for Archie Manning's house, but never found it because we decided to quit and eat lunch.  Mike really liked this water feature at a restaurant on Magazine Street -

We would have liked to have spent a few more days in New Orleans eating, drinking, walking and shopping, but we had to move on.  Business called and Mike had to answer.


  1. Great pictures. I have always been told the blue roofs on the porches of southern homes are to deter insects, such as bees, wasps, etc. from building nests under the porch.

  2. I just found this post by Paul Anater from one of my favorite blogs called Kitchen & Residential Design about the blue porch ceilings in New Orleans:

    That Paul is in the know about a lot of things.

  3. Oh, my husband wants everyone to know those are beer tap handles that the water is flowing out of in the picture above.