Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Check Is In The Mail


Do you know about eBates.com?  If not, you should.  Say, for instance, you are ordering something from an online retailer such as Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, Target, even eBay (there are over 1,200 stores) you first sign in to the eBates.com website then choose the site where you want to shop.  A new screen with an eBates ticket number opens up that directs you to your intended site.  With every purchase you receive a percentage of your shopping total that is placed in your eBates account.  The percentages vary per site but usually range within 3% - 10% of your purchase amount.  Once a quarter eBates either sends you a check for the amount you accumulated that quarter or makes a deposit into your PayPal account.  I've been a eBates member for about a year and have earned $165.00.  That's it.  Seriously.  They do have a refer a friend program that if you refer someone you earn $5.00 in your account.  Here is my refer-a-friend link if you'd like to join:


That really isn't why I'm writing about this though.  I was about to order something on eBay, remembered eBates then thought it would be a good "Helpful Hint from Heloise" sort of thing to tell you about.  I actually saw Heloise speak one time.  I thought she was a hag.  All she wanted to do is talk about herself which was not helpful at all.

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