Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cake Conversations

I made a really good cake for Logan's birthday party if I must say so myself.  It was a tie dye cake made with Pillsbury white cake mixes and iced with homemade buttercream icing.

Is there anything better than butter AND sugar spread on a cake?  Not yesterday at my house there wasn't.  I had made the cake layers a couple weeks prior to the party, wrapped and froze them.  I highly suggest doing this before a big party.  It made the icing part much more enjoyable.  Friday morning I took the layers out of the freezer letting them thaw while I made the icing.  I had 4 layers which I think where made from 3 boxed cake mixes.  Yes, I'm pretty sure I used 3.  The cake iced beautifully and it stood up straight with no lumps or bumps.  I put sprinkles on top because Logan really digs sprinkles.  I then refrigerated the cake overnight.

The day of the party these are the conversations I am certain took place.

Logan thinking, "Big deal.  My Mom makes cakes like this for me ALL the time."

Logan asking, "So ... what kind of cake did YOUR mother make for your birthday?"

"What about you?"

"Oh, your mother bakes cakes professionally?  Hmm ... I'm guessing you've had cakes as good as this one before then."

"Please, I don't have time for hugs, I have to go talk to some more people about THEIR birthday cakes."

"YIPPEE!!!  I win!  I have the best birthday cake at this party!!"

The insides -

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