Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Pig

My little family got a new pig in the mail last week.  He is going to make us all very happy.  I have been completing the makeover of our Laundry/Mud Room.  (The big reveal - ha - will come a little later.)  I wanted a print that would liven up the room, an animal as the subject matter, but nothing too goofy.  It needed to be something all 3 of us would like.  I found the perfect print on  Don't know  You should!  It is fantastic for all things handmade.  I have been using it to find reasonably priced prints lately.  

Our new pig -

The print is by ArtPaperGarden.  Here is the link: .  Mike is into all things livestock and he has approved of the new pig.  Whew!  By the way, did you know the pig in the movie Babe is/was (it could be bacon now) a girl?   Mike always likes to point that out when that movie is on.

I have a reader who has a nice shop on with little girl clothes she makes.  Check her out: .  (Barbie, I know with this big readership I've got you are going to be bombarded with orders ... ha!ha!ha!)

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  1. AWESOME! I'm already thinking about where to put him in my house...