Friday, April 2, 2010

Lunch and the Zoo

Last weekend my youngest sister Carrie came for a visit from North Carolina.  I am from North Carolina and most of my family lives there.  Logan adores Carrie and shadows her the entire time any time Carrie comes to visit.  On Saturday we visited The Indianapolis Zoo.  It was a good zoo.  We liked it.  Perfect size for an afternoon outing without wearing you completely out.  Here is a picture to show it was a very windy day.  I felt like I was back in Amarillo.

 (Sharon, Carrie holding Logan, Logan)

Before going to the zoo the 3 of us plus Mike ate lunch at Maxine's Chicken & Waffles in downtown Indy.  Good Lord the food was good.  Really good.  We were the clean plate club.  If you are ever in downtown Indy and want to make yourself miserably stuffed go there.  If you are ever visiting us insist we take you there.

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  1. Oh, fabulous shot! I know exactly where you're standing.