Friday, April 2, 2010

Creepy or Cool?

During Carrie's visit last weekend we went to 2 antique shops.  The first one is Mike's favorite.  The second is my favorite.

1st stop:
Lake & Lodge Outfitters
Cicero, IN

I'll let the picture speak for itself...

 (Carrie & the bear)

This store (including the owner) borders on being both creepy and cool at the same time.  There is all the things you see in the picture there - old dusty taxidermy, nautical items, safari goods, Asian antiques, fishing stuff.

2nd stop:
Midland Antique Mall
Indianapolis, IN

This place is almost all cool with very little creep.  I snapped some pictures of affordable yet stylish items that caught my eye. 

Not too clear of a picture, but a set of bamboo style chairs - use as is or paint them the color of your choice and recover the seats -

Shield back chair - paint & recover - presto -  

Shallow table - I wish I had a place to use this!  I'd paint the black and gold another color while leaving the brass metal in the doors as it - 

Bamboo style bar car - should I consider this for one of my porches?

Take a look at the next set of side tables then the picture that follows.  Again, wish I had a place for these -

Paint and they'd look a lot like this at a MUCH cheaper price (this little table is $420) - 

I didn't note the prices on any of the items above because all the prices seemed very in line with what I would be willing to pay = a fair amount.  Midland Antique Mall is a great place for items such as those I've shown that you'd like to change through paint or fabric to make your own.

The exterior - an old sash & door company -

I'm sure I'll be showing you more things from here in the future.

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  1. So I was looking at different chairs online. Came across your shield back chair you stopped at Midland Antique Mall. So I thought...HMM she is local. Then I noticed your are in the United Kingdom. So because I am did you end up a Midland? It's one of my VERY FAVORITE places to visit! Love the things you picked to photograph while there. Especially the chair and 2 brown end tables!!!