Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fashion Find of the Day

I am soon to be going on a cruise with my husband related to his work.  No, he is not a cruise ship show magician.  While a cruise to Mexico is pretty far down on the list of the trips we'd like to take we can't complain.  I've been in the process of putting together a summer travel wardrobe for this cruise plus a couple of other out of town trips we have coming up this summer.  I am going the black dresses with accessories route for the most part.  Today I was in Kohl's shopping for new underpinnings and found the cutest bib necklace that I bought with "formal" night on the cruise in mind.  Here it is -

It is a little heavy on the bbs, but for $17 it looks really good.  It is somewhat similar to this $295 necklace from -

I may remove the chain from my necklace and add a ribbon similar to the necklace.  That would be quite easy to do.  The most amusing thing to me about the necklace I bought is the brand name it was being sold under.  Here is a hint -

Candie's!  Why is that so amusing to me?  It is because back in the day my (mean, yes mean) grandmother who is/was about 4 foot-nothing had a shoe rack on the back of her bedroom door completely full of Candie's shoes.  Candie's were all she wore that I knew of.  Maybe she wore high heeled boots in the winter.  Am I going to be able to wear my new necklace and not think of my mean grandmother?  Maybe so, maybe not.

Another pretty one from in honor of the 4 footer -


  1. I think it's worth an entire post describing the 4 Foot Grandmother's use of her oven for storage...never baking. Perhaps this is something that runs in our family because Pop and Irene (Grandfather) used the dishwasher as a place to store household documents, bills, etc. Who needs all those plastic containers you have after all?