Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Knew It Was True

There has been an official study confirming what I have believed for the last 2 years as I have conducted my own personal study.

I have been a huge fan of these beauties for a while now - 


OK, they aren't beautiful, but I swear they have all but eliminated the persistent knee pain I had prior to wearing these constantly.  I am pretty certain I have a hereditary knee flaw as my sister has had to have knee surgery twice.  I think I'll blame it on the 4-footer (see previous post).  

During the winter I wear these clogs -


FitFlops tag line is -

FitFlop. Get a workout while you walk™

Unfortunately, neither my rear or my legs look like this gal's, so I'm not sure about the claim of their advertising -

FitFlops are not cheap as far as flip flops go.  They retail for around $60, but I swear they are worth the price.  I have found that when they wear out my foot starts to hurt.  Then I buy a new pair and any foot pain immediately disappears.   As I don't "work outside the home" (isn't that the corniest phrase, but it is true) I have the luxury of being able to wear my FitFlops a lot whereas a working girl might not be so lucky.  Oh, and they are really comfortable as in - walk around the neighborhood - 2 mile stroll with the husband, kid and dog comfortable.  Flop on!

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