Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hanging Blaze Orange

My husband has a lot of hunting gear.  At least I think he has a lot.  I'm sure there are men (or women) who have more and some who have less, his is just about right I guess.  We have the greatest space in the lower level of our house that I call the Utility Room.  I decided that was the appropriate place to store most of his gear.  I organized his gear.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen you read that right, I organized it.  There are only a small number of things I like my husband to "mess with" around the house.  If it doesn't have a social security number or an AKC registration or involve garbage or grass I'd rather he leave well enough alone.  The photos below show my obsessive-compulsive-disorder organization of his gear featuring a new hanging rod for his hunting clothes and coats that I rigged up this afternoon.

Before the new hanging rod project -

Short on storage or hanging space?  Don't forget to always look up.  You might have more space than you think.  It might require a step stool, but its there.  After the new hanging rod project (please excuse the sump pump and pipes) - 

A close up of the hanging rod -

The hanging rod rig up -

To assemble this handy new hanging rod I only needed a few items easily found at Lowe's or Menards (a midwestern Lowes / Home Depot type place).  They include big round eye hook screw in the wood things, chain, carabiners, metal 6 foot clothes rod and plastic clothes rod ends.  This was very easy to rig.  The hardest thing was putting the plastic pieces on the ends of the rod.  They are hard to get on.  Adjusting the chain properly was a bit prisoner-of-war / extended-arms-above-your-head-time too.   The 3 things required to install the hanging rod rig up were a cordless drill, a drill bit and my daughter's Little Tykes barking dog flashlight for when I dropped the rod end behind the gun safe.  The equipment -

The rest of the well organized gear.  All of the green and orange containers hold hunting gear plus the dresser in the photos above - 

Not to overlook the deer mounts.  They'll make it up on the wall one of these days.  Mike is waiting for another friend to join them before their placement is decided.

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  1. Let's be honest here. Unless I'm mistaken, the original owner of the barking flashlight was Mike himself! :)