Friday, April 2, 2010

Lets Get This Party Started

I'm committed, all in, I'm blogging.  As my husband would say, "Yeah, right.  I'll believe it when I see it."  So, without furthur ado lets get this party started!

Real Estate Resuscitation?  Yes.  Our house.  Our current house.  After living for 5 years in the great state of Texas (Amarillo specifically) my husband was relocated with his company back to Indianapolis.  He and I had lived here for the 3 years prior to our move to Amarillo.  I/we resuscitated our first Indianapolis house, our Amarillo house and now this second Indianapolis house is underway.  Through this blog I plan to show our progress, beg for sympathy often and digress onto many other topics often including our almost 4 year old daughter, Logan.  The husband's name is Mike.  I'm Sharon.  The dog is Dolly.  We are the Brown family.  And here is the house...

Inside it has come a long way over the past year.  Outside it has come a very short way with much more work to take place this summer.  This house sits on Geist Reservoir which provides water for the City of Indianapolis.   The main attraction for us when buying this house was location, location, location!  The property includes a path down to the lake with a boat dock on the main body of water.  More on that later.  In the neighborhood this house is known as "The Bob House".  This is Bob...

Bob is half of the Bob & Tom syndicated radio show here in Indianapolis.  Bob and his wife were the original owners of the house, so I'm blaming him for many of the quirks I've had to deal with so far.  The house was built in the late 80s.  Per my research Bob and his wife divorced, she lived here for many years then sold the house, some other people lived here (and from what the neighbors say disappeared into the night) and then Wells Fargo Bank owned the house (complaints about that on a later date).  So, we bought the house from the bank.  Bob has since moved on to bigger and better houses I'm sure.  Here is Bob with his other half:

Party officially started.

Photos from  The Bob & Tom Show