Monday, June 21, 2010


I crawled out from under my rock this weekend and got a subscription to Netflix.  (If you go through you get $13 cash back by the way.)  Late Saturday night I watched The September Issue on my laptop.  Last night I watched the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens.  I know!  I know!  I'm a little late to all of this, right?  Hey, I've never claimed to be first in line for new technology or movies.  I prefer the tried and true show themselves first.  Observations from my movie watching:

1)  The influence Anna Wintour has with just the smallest decisions she makes is mind-boggling.
2)  If Anna Wintour was in charge of the oil spill we'd have this thing taken care of in no time.
3)  Grace Coddington is unbelieveably talented, but I can't figure out why she doesn't
      a)  cut her hair or
      b)  use some Moroccan oil.
4)  Anna Wintour's daughter is lovely.
5)  The interior of Wintour's New York City townhouse is really blah.
4)  When we lived in Amarillo our neighbor across the street was EXACTLY like a combination of the two Edie's.  Seriously!!!  The one advantage my former neighbor has is that she can afford a housekeeper.  If not, she would be headed for an "Edie" lifestyle for sure.  Look.  Here is her house.  It even has a Grey Gardens vibe -

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  1. Really, don't you want to go and take her aside for some advice!? Great links!

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