Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sheryl Crow Has A McMansion

One of my favorite things about the salon where I have my hair done is that they keep a current stack of junk magazines which I never buy myself, (except at the airport, I like to buy them when I'm flying) yet secretly like to read. Today I came across an article in In Touch magazine about Sheryl Crow's "farm" in Tennessee.  Oh my goodness, it is a faux farm and it has a McMansion on the property!  You must see the pictures.

Looks rather grand - 

Up close.  Definitely a McMansion -

The foyer.  It wants to be pretty.  What exactly is going on with those frames up the staircase?

The kitchen.  What?!?!  She has all of her money and this is the kitchen?!?!

There is an aquarium in the kitchen.  Weird.  I think the cabinets and floor tile came from Home Depot.  I'm serious - 

View from the kitchen.  The breakfast table ensemble is nice, but does that chandelier have a cord cover on it? Check out that fruit on the island -

The dining room.  Why is the table turned in that direction?  Don't miss the ceiling -

The living room.  The rug is kinda long -

The top of the stairs.  Awkward -

Upstairs hallway.  Why are those can lights there?  Why?

The master bedroom.  That chandelier, that ceiling, that artwork over the bed.  I just don't know what to say -

Brace yourselves.  The master bath.  Look at where the tub is...and the chandelier is hanging from a box...and what goes on at that little table with the chair by the shower?

Oh my, I can't do this anymore.  Posting these photos is hurting my head.  But wait!  I think I have it in me to show you one more.  Another bathroom...with a cultured marble countertop?!!!!!

This 154-acre property with the house, a pool, equestrian facility, private nanny quarters, a guest house, 14-stall barn, indoor riding arena, media room, and music studio is currently listed for sale for $7.5 million.  You can see more photos at TheTennessean.com.  I'm going to state the obvious here, but her pal Kid Rock's place blows this situation out of the water.


  1. She also has a beautiful three parcel compound near Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles.


  2. I love your commentary. Takes sarcasm to my level.

  3. Ugh. Just Ugh. I can see how it all came to be. She got tired of her designer telling her she had bad taste and decided to do it on her own. One minute she's a truck stop waitress the next minute she's a multimillionaire. Start over Cheryl.

  4. Yikes, maybe these are the "befores" or she had one of the "designers" from HGTV come do the place for her!

  5. Glad those magazines in the salon come in handy ;) Great blog!

  6. Questionable taste in fruit indeed!

  7. Oh my! Terrible! If you knew the town she came from, you would understand. She should be paying someone to tell her what good taste is!

  8. You are cracking me up. I'm always happy when I find someone with my same outlook on things! What is going on with this house?