Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mudroom Magic

Today I'd like to share with you a mudroom magic renovation from the home of my husband's cousin Angie. Angie & her husband Matt live in Illinois with their cute little boy and newborn daughter. I don't feel like mudroom is quite the right word for this space. Hallroom might be a better word, but hallroom magic doesn't sound as good to me as mudroom magic.

This first picture is the view from their Kitchen/Breakfast Nook down a short hallway. The door on the left leads into the garage -

Another before shot -

They removed the door and widened the opening to the hallway -

To create space for a built-in area they bumped out a portion of the wall.  The backside of the bump out is cantilevered over a set of stairs that leads down to their basement -

This picture is taken from a sunroom that is off the hallway to the right of the widened opening.  The built-ins are installed - 

Painted and styled up with baskets, hooks and a seat cushion -

A view of the new built ins with the opening trimmed out and finished -

Before and after shots side by side.  The carpet tiles are from  I am imaging their son doing some fun square jumping on those carpets -

I think this hallway renovation is just fantastic.  From what I was told straight from the source Angie & Matt had help in planning this project from Angie's brother-in-law who is an architect.  This concept could be applied and put to use in a variety of ways.  Thanks Angie & Matt for letting me share these photos.