Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Tipping Point

It has been reported Al & Tipper Gore are calling it quits.  But, why?

 AP Photo

This is how I'm imagining it all went down ...

Al:         "I invented the internet."
Tipper:  "No, you did not."
Al:         "Yes, I did."
Tipper:  "No, you didn't."
Al:         "Yes, I did."
Tipper:  "No, you didn't."
Al:         "Yes, I did."

... continuing for years and years with this addition ...

Al:         "I am sick and tired of not being able to play Darling Nikki on my iPod."
Tipper:  "No Darling Nikki in my house or on the iPod of anyone that lives in my house!"
Al:         "That's it!  All these years I haven't been able to listen to Darling Nikki.  I've had it!"

OK, so it isn't funny at all when couples (especially parents) separate.  Think of how this is totally going to screw up holidays for their children and grandchildren.  I remember seeing Al on Oprah (just typing Al on Oprah is almost too much for me) in recent years discussing global warming and he was so good.  It was like he was finally comfortable in his own skin and had found his place in the world.  Maybe Tipper didn't like this Al.  Perhaps she preferred the uncomfortable Al.

Single ladies, you now have multiple choices of newly single men :  Al Gore or Larry King.  Let's not forget John Edwards too.