Tuesday, July 12, 2011

That Tray ... And A Hide

Picking up where I left off regarding all things interior design - or not ...

One of my guilty pleasures prior to moving to the UK was watching practically every show on the Bravo TV channel.  When we moved I told myself, "Self, you are above Bravo TV, leave that smut behind, explore the treasures to be found in this new old world."  Guess what?  I couldn't leave it behind.  A little research revealed that my favourite Bravo TV series could be purchased for a few bucks on iTunes.  Money well spent.  This season Bravo TV premièred Million Dollar Decorators and I bought it.  The show profiles five well known interior designers from Los Angeles, CA one of which is Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.  Hold that thought ...

As well as keeping up with the American smut TV I also purchased the DVDs from eBay and have been watching the 1st season of a British TV drama from the 1970s called Upstairs Downstairs.  This series is set in the townhouse of 165 Eaton Place in Belgravia, London in the early 1900s.  The show follows the lives of the Bellamy family that owns the house and lives "upstairs" and their servants who live "downstairs". Think The Young and the Restless and you've got it.  Hold that thought ...

On last weeks episode of Million Dollar Decorators Martyn Lawrence-Bullard travels to London with representatives from the interiors sale website One Kings Lane for a shopping trip for items to be sold on their site.  (An amusing as always review of the episode was written here by my friend Raina Cox from the blog "If The Lampshade Fits":  http://curbed.com/archives/2011/07/06/episode-six.php.)  One stop during this shopping trip is at what ML-B refers to as being a designer's secret in London, Alfies Antique Market. I think the word "secret" is a stretch since even Frommer's England travel guide mentions Alfies, but no biggie.  While at Alfies ML-B finds a tray he is going to buy not for the One Kings Lane sale, but for his client Elton John.  ML-B thinks it will be perfect for one of Elton's ottomans.  (Elton and I have babies about the same age.  My Mother hopes he and I will end up in a Kindermusik class together with the boys. I think it is sure to happen.)  Hold that thought ...

So, I'm watching an episode of Upstairs Downstairs and what do I spot, but a very familiar looking tray -

Oh my gosh!  ML-B bought an Upstairs Downstairs tray for Elton!  Score!

Now you can process all the thoughts you've been holding.  One last visual from Upstairs Downstairs.  Look at that hide draped on the sofa. Covet.  I do.


  1. well, I guess you know your next interior design purchase! I wonder where you can acquire a jaguar skin sofa-throw?

  2. Holy crap! You have an amazing eye for detail.

    Thanks so much for the link love, Babe!

  3. That's absolutely brilliant, good catch!

  4. Hi Sharon! So happy to see you're back to blogging and you still have Bravo "reality" in your life!!