Monday, August 2, 2010

Table That Thought

My nice UPS man (he ALWAYS gives my dog Dolly a treat) delivered two boxes today containing the new rush grass end tables I ordered last week.  I had been admiring these tables online at for some time now and I finally quit admiring and got out the bank card.  I am very happy with my purchase!  The tables are sold for $69 plus shipping, although I received a new customer discount.  Here is my find -

The tables come in 3 finishes:  Natural (my pick, pictured above), Red Brown and Black.  They measure 18"square.  I've also seen these tables for sale on

I plan on using my tables in my guest bedroom as bedside tables (although they are sturdy I don't think they would be strong enough to use as a stool despite their size).  There will be adjustable wall sconces on each side of the bed, so I didn't need for the tables I selected to have a smooth surface on which to place a lamp.  These tables are a great way to add texture and a natural element to a room at a reasonable price.


  1. Love a great look at a great price -and you have a really smart ups man! (i love that oriental furniture website - i have a wishlist going!)

  2. Very cool but these wouldn't survive a day in my house with the cats. I'm sure they would love them unfortunately.

  3. Ok. So, Mary beat me to it...I was just about to type that my cats have been eyeing this piece also. They LOVE aesthetically pleasing scratching posts.

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