Monday, March 1, 2010

Wanted: One Doorbell

A sheriff's deputy knocked on our front door Saturday night.  My daughter and I answered the door.  "Did someone call 911?" he asked.  "Oh, yes, no, I didn't mean to, I was trying to dial 919 area code to North Carolina, but I must have pressed 911, yes, I've done this before, I didn't mean to," I answered.  Then the deputy asked who else was home.  I told him my husband was upstairs.  He looked at me and asked, "You're sure everything is all right?"  I told him yes and started apologizing profusely for wasting his time.  You know he walked away thinking, "What a dingbat." 

But, he knocked.  Why?  We have no doorbell at this time.  Just this:


  1. Is it genetic? Until a month ago, my doorbell had not worked for over 5 years. One benefit: People you don't know...don't bother you. I mean, they ring that defunct doorbell (I at least was hiding my dysfunction under the appearance of a working doorbell.), and nobody EVER answers. "Well, there are cars in the driveway. Maybe they don't want my lawn services." or "I can hear people in there...maybe they already have Cutco cutlery." or "Mark this house. They don't want to hear the word of God as witnessed to Joseph Smith." Let it be a lesson: Real friends...Knock.

  2. What a funny story - you made me laugh out loud! By the way, I just discovered you from a comment you left at All the Best!